The Osaka University Filipiniana Dance Troupe  is a performing group composed of students of the Philippine  and other Studies Programs of the Osaka University, which was organized on 12 July 1996, so that the students may actually experience Philippine culture through the country's songs and dances and so that the students themselves may help to spread an appreciation of Philippine arts and culture among all kinds of audiences in Japan and in this way, help promote international understanding.
       The costumes of the group were commissioned by Dr. Nicanor G.Tiongson (then visiting professor) and executed by Salvador Bernal, leading set and costume designer of the Philippines. The group's repertoire includes ethnic dances of the Bontoc, Maranao and Tausug as well as lowland Christian rural and Maria Clara dances. These dances were taught by Pinky Bueno and Mynette Aguilar, professors of the University of the Philippines. The group also has a repertoire of popular Filipino songs, like Sampaguita, Usahay, Leron Leron Sinta, Bayan Ko, Bahay Kubo, Matud Nila, Dandansoy, Atin Cu Pung Singsing, Ti Ayat Ti Maysa Nga Ubing, Hula Masawa and Salidum-ay. The group has performed for Japanese and Filipino audiences for young and old alike in cities of Osaka, Hyogo and Kyoto.

        Upon request, the group performs any combination of dances for schools and organizations, for cultural and social programs. For information, please contact:
filipiniana_ogf@yahoo.co.jp Salidum-ay : The popular chant among the Bontoc used for different messages. Appropriate movements may be made with the music.
Ballatan : Courtship dance where a young man moves like a rooster around a maiden.
Turayan : A ceremonial dance where an older tribesman introduces a young man to the braves and leads him in a dance inspired by the high-flying bird turayan.
Pallakis : A courtship dance using a blanket, which represents the young man's offer of love to a young woman.
Mangayao : Pre-headhunting ritual dance where two warriors of the tribe perform a mock war dance with spear and axe.
Mindanao Suite
Kapamalong-malong : Maranao dance showing how the tubular skirt called malong is worn by men and women for different purposes -- as skirt, bathrobe, loin cloth, turban, purse and ashtray, among others.
Kuntao : Tausug martial arts dance showing hand and feet movements used for hand-to-hand combat. This also incorporates movements of the silat, the martial arts dance which uses a sword.
Singkil : Maranao royal dance showing how princess Paramandiangan gracefully evades failing trees sent by evil spirits to trap her and how prince Bantugan saves and falls in love with her.
Putrillo : A courtship dance depicting the meeting of lovers after the boy has given a pair of earrings as a gift to the girl.
Jota Cabangan : A dance in triple time from Zambales which is performed by the bride and groom on the eve of their wedding day, depicting courtship techniques, like whispering ,to each other by the window, touching the bride's feet under the table, following her around.

  Bulaklakan : A joyous dance in catchy balitaw tempo, which features boys and girls creating different movements and figures with flowered arcos or arches.
Pandanggo sa Ilaw : A dance in moderate triple time from Mindoro island in Central Philippines, where women skillfully balance glasses with lighted candles on their heads and hands.

Subli: A dance performed on the day of the festival which devotes for the crucifix of Bauan, Batangas.
Boys clap with bamboo castanets and run around  and leap, while girls dance gracefully with hats.
Itik-itik : A piquant dance from Lanuza, Surigao, which shows dancers gingerly imitating the choppy steps and waddling walk of the itik or duck.
Maglalatik : A spirited war dance from Binan. Laguna, also known as magbabao, which depicts the fight between the Muslims in red and the Christians in blue over the latik (boiled coconut milk residue).
Tinikling : A famous dance from Leyte, where dancers jump skillfully between two clashing bamboos, imitating the tikling bird which trips gracefully over the ricefields.

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