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Admission Information

Admission Information for Division of Foreign Studies

Master’s Program

Application Guidelines(MC).pdf (Japanese Version Only)

Doctoral Program

Application Guidelines(DC).pdf (Japanese Version Only)

Research Students

Application Guidelines and application form have only Japanese version. View our Japanese page.

Notes: To apply research student program, in advance, you must contact the professor who you would like to get instructed by. And you also need to submit application documents to the professor, and then you need to take an examination (It may include an interview session). Regarding the examination, if the professor allows your application, you need to pay the examination fee, then send your application documents to Students(and Admissions) Support Section.

further informationApplication requirements 3⑵)

If the e-mail address of the professor is not on our website, send us your message for the professor, with attaching your application documents. We will forward your e-mail message to the professor.

Credited Auditors

※令和5(2023)年度 科目等履修生の募集は終了しました。

・Application Guidelines .pdf (Japanese Version Only)